The use of photography to record a wedding has been the accepted practice ever since the camera was invented. Generations of couples have turned to photography to capture how they looked on their big day and to evoke memories later on in life. That is until now. While there is still a place for still photography the modern bride is seeking something more interactive to capture the moments that will live for ever.

A wedding is a fast moving event with so much happening that much of it is missed by the bride and groom. Pictures can help record some of that but the use of videography at wedding is becoming the new norm. The chaos and joy of the bridal preparations, guests excitedly arriving at the ceremony, the wedding ceremony itself, seeing and hearing the vows, the speeches at the reception, the first dance to the music you love all have much more meaning when they are visually presented in a video.

A Video at a wedding is nearly always on the wish list of a bride to be. Unfortunately video packages tend to be expensive so many brides are put off and just stick to the normal still photography.

Now that has changed. we are now offering a range of professional video packages that really are affordable.

Depending on the package booked the bride will receive a video lasting approximately 30 minutes plus a short video lasting about a couple of minutes showing the highlights of the day. which can be placed onto a "phone or tablet"'

The video will be fully edited and can subject to the appropriate licences (which we will obtain) have a soundtrack of music of the couples choice. 



 Video of your wedding from the guests arriving at the ceremony through to the commencement of the wedding breakfast:- £250

 Video of your wedding from the Brides preparations through to the speeches:- £450

 Video of your wedding from the guests arriving through to the first dance £450

 Video of your wedding from Brides preparations through to the first dance:-£550

Music of your choice for the video is subject to a licence fee of £16